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Meet Dr. Kevin Solt

Kevin Solt, DDS

I am most passionate about giving people confidence in their teeth.

As a dentist, I can give a person the confidence to smile, laugh at a coworker’s joke, chew whatever food they want – without worrying about their teeth moving or covering their smile when they laugh due to feeling self-conscious about missing teeth. I sincerely want people to be so confident with their teeth that they aren’t even a thought: to give them a beautiful, self-possessed smile that they love to share!

I get excited when my patient and I collaborate on a treatment plan and work together to see it through. The change in each person’s life, whether we’ve improved their smile or restored function, can be life-changing. I am lucky to be part of that!

On a more personal level, I love dentistry because of the people I get to meet and build connections with. Everyone has stories to share and I like learning who they are, about their passions, families, and experiences. Those conversations make me a better person and a better practitioner, and create a rapport that goes beyond dentist and patient.


I strive to stay current on the latest dental research, methodologies, and technologies, as well as customer service. This ensures I am offering the best diagnostics and treatment, and delivering the best results, while making sure people have pleasant experiences at the office.

I am part of a study group with local dentists, regularly meeting to discuss large, complex cases. We collaboratively treatment plan, allowing us to see the big picture and work to achieve a great final result.  I also travel, two weekends a year, to gatherings of dentists from around the US to discuss Pankey and Spear Principles.

Additionally, I complete training in-office and in California with the Pride Institute. Pride helps me manage the business side of being a dentist, developing a practice culture that creates a smooth, stress-free experience for patients.

Professional Memberships

Beyond the Office

I grew up in the small town of Hadley, MI, and now live in East Grand Rapids. My wife, Amanda, is a registered nurse who now works out of the home with our two young daughters, Emilia and Anastasia, and one baby boy, Tommy. We also have a dog, Phoebe, who is a Cava-poo-chon (Cavalier King Charles – Toy Poodle – Bichon Frise).

If I’m not at work, I’m with my family. Family time is always my priority: swim lessons with my daughters, family walks around the neighborhood, golfing, anything we do together!

I also enjoy fixing up and working on our house. I grew up working construction with my dad and like doing renovations. I am active in my church, as well, and enjoy studying about apologetics and the history of the church.